Vil Goods stands for handmade, oxidized jewelry. Production is done in Barcelona, where master craftmanship still exist. But we combine this ancient craftmanship with current focus on durability of products and presentation. Production is done based on current standards. Our packaging is 100% eco-friendly. Each box is stamped with the ECO-logo and has the FSC-stamped underneath.


Jewelry is always more than an actual product. It should reflect you. It should add on your personal being and - presentation. What focus do we have with Vil Goods? The sea has been a big inspiration in our designs. The sea reflects nature. It reflects freedom. It reflects being refreshed. It reflects being active. It reflects happiness. An exquisite fusion of being human and feeling alive. So, the sea is our base. 


The influence of the sea can therefore also been seen as a metaphor for Vil. Wearing Vil is more than looking good. It reflect your state of mind. Being happy. Being authentic. Feeling self-assured. No need to be more than you are. Our goal is to accompany you at any moment of the day, to dress you, and for you to feel proud to have us with you. Wearing Vil Goods you will breath freedom and maritime life. 


The more you wear a Vil Goods piece, the better the platina of the silver becomes over time. Allowing it to touch the sea even makes it more pretty.  Our bracelets and necklaces appear to be sculptured by the sand and the sea, and we have created them to look like that. Quality combined with a non-polished look. 


The artist behind Vil Goods is Jordi Villena. Born and raised in Barcelona, worked on/with design for many years all around the world, but came back to where my base is. The Mediterranean. To be further inspired by the nature and the light over here. Doing so it took me away from the corporate and fast-paced day-to-day life. How about you? Are you ready for Vil Goods?



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